About me

Hi I’m a casual gamer. I play on xbox and PC (Windows). I’m in the UK.

My current games are

The Elder Scrolls Online.

My account name is swirlingleaf.

I play on PC, mainly on the EU server, but I have toons on the NA server as well.

I have almost finished researching all nine traits on all items with my crafter, Ganrane.

I play PVE and I enjoy PVP in Cyrodiil.

I also have an ESO account on the xbox but it might not last.

Lord of the Rings Online

I have started playing this and usually play online with family. I find it tricky to play games with just a keyboard and mouse, so I’ve mapped some keys to my gaming mouse and to a new Razer keypad.

Farming Simulator 17

I’ve just started playing this on xbox and am having fun, although I got in a pickle with my silage the other day. I play single player.

Euro Truck Simulator 2

I’m totally new to this. I’m playing with a controller on PC and just about staying on the road. I can’t reverse at all. I’m staying on single player until I can steer properly. I’d love to get a wheel but they are expensive and I’m not sure I’ve got the space at the moment.


I’ve just got this for xbox. I haven’t installed it yet.