American Truck Simulator

By | February 11, 2018

I bought American Truck Simulator on steam and was having fun playing it last night. 

I did a few deliveries and then I did one which I regretted choosing. It was a huge mobile barrier which was very long and extremely difficult to manoeuvre around corners. Well I set off and I did really well until a few yards from the drop off point when I had to turn left at a junction. There were just so many cars coming that I had to move out in a gap and hope that they would just stop so I could get round. Well they did stop but too close to the trailer so I couldn’t turn without hitting them. So I reversed a bit – big mistake as I crashed into the car behind. Meanwhile more cars turn up and there’s a bit tailback of them all beeping their horns at me. I couldn’t reverse or move forwards without hitting the cars. So I decided to cut my losses and just drive forwards, crashing into the line of cars and dragging them part way with me!! I got to my destination, and had a damage penalty but surprisingly it wasn’t too bad. And thank god I switched off traffic violations because I would have had no wage left after that delivery! Funny.



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