Farming Simulator 17

By | February 9, 2018

This is great fun. 

I trialled it first using Farm Sim 15 on xbox using a xbox pass so I got it for free. I enjoyed it so much I had no hesitation in buying the game. I now have six sheep who have produced a couple of wool packs which I sold. I had a pallet fork mishap at the sheep pen. I got my shiny new pallet fork stuck in the fence and I can’t get it out for love nor money. It’ll have to stay there for now!

I’ve just bought another field so I’ve got four now. It’s early days but I’ve paid off the $50,000 loan you get at the start of the game. It wasn’t hard and it didn’t take me long. I did missions for my neighbours which quickly earn you money, as well as earning money from my wheat and soybean harvests.

I’ve successfully made some silage. That was after googling what silage is and how you make it. I have now bought some conveyor belts and have got them going. This is supposed to make the production of silage more efficient and profitable but I’m sure it took me longer than it would have done with a front loader and a universal bucket. I nearly had the whole lot over at one point. It really wasn’t clear at first how you fix them together. I mean, who would have thought that you press x for enter to actually climb into the conveyor belt just like it’s a tractor? And then you drive it into position! I would never had guessed that. I’m not sure how much time I’m going to put into silage production. It depends how profitable it turns out to be. I’m keeping an eye on those prices to see how they behave.


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