Euro Truck Simulator 2

By | February 9, 2018

This is a new game to me, and I like it. 

I watched it on twitch first of all and decided to try it out. I bought it through steam and have been playing using a controller. I’m up to level 5 now.

All was going well until my controller suddenly and mysteriously stopped working. I couldn’t look round my cab, couldn’t switch my indicators on, or my lights. I could move forwards but with the left joystick, not the right, as I had been using.

I think there is a conflict between the steam controller configuration and the in-game configuration. That’s my guess.

I’m currently hunting around youtube for video solutions. I hope I can fix it because I do enjoy the game and would like to keep on trucking.

Update: I did get it fixed. I think the steam controller settings had taken over. I just went into the key controls and set it up to how I wanted it. I just use my xbox controller for steering, throttle and reversing mainly. The other things I just use the keyboard. That can be tricky though because taking my hand off the controller can result in a crash!

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